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Trestle Tables For Sale Fiesta Furniture

Trestle Tables for Sale – Huge Stock and Range Available

If you are looking for trestle tables for sale then you have come to the right place. At Fiesta Furniture have a huge stock of these items available offered in a great range of sizes – as we will see in this post.

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Trestle Tables for Sale – Specification

We have trestle tables for sale in a range of sizes at Fiesta Furniture. Our smallest table measures 2 feet by 2 feet, equivalent in metric terms to 600mm by 600mm. The largest table we offer measures a rather more substantial 8 feet by 2 feet and 6 inches, in metric terms this is equivalent to 2400mm by 7500mm.

In between these two extremes, we also offer tables that measure 4 feet by 2 feet 6 inches (1200mm by 750mm), 6 feet by 1 foot 6 inches (1800mm by 460mm), 6 feet by 2 feet (1800mm by 600mm), 6 feet by 2 feet 6 inches (1800mm by 750mm), 6 feet by 3 feet (1800mm x by 900mm) and 6 feet by 4 feet (1800mm by 1200mm).

Regardless of size, all trestle tables for sale at Fiesta Furniture stand 30 inches, or 750mm off the ground, except for the 6 feet by 2 feet and 6 inches HIGH BAR table which stands 6 inches higher at 36 inches off the ground.

Our Stock

In the contract furniture industry, we know that many companies require large amounts of products at any one time and a fast turnaround. We have a large facility based centrally in the UK that allows us to keep well stocked up year round and meet the fast turnaround needs of our customers.

For more information about choosing the right folding banquet table and any other hospitality equipment visit our website or call our specialist advisors on 01733 570700

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