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Square Wooden Folding Banqueting Table

Square Wooden Folding Banqueting Table – Don’t Cut Corners

A square wooden folding banqueting table is the ideal table for a range of purposes, including, but not limited to, weddings, Christenings and funerals. The versatile tables also offer excellent storage options thanks to their collapsible nature.

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Be There or Be Square

Square is a superb shape for a table that combines the social benefits of a round table with the space efficiency of a rectangular table. A square table offers all people sat at the item of furniture an equally important space – there is no head of the table. This is a factor that can help to encourage interaction between guests.

What’s more, the tables can be joined together to create larger tables – perfect for events where many people are required to eat at the same time, such as at a wedding, Bar Mitzvah or birthday party.

The tables are perhaps best used when deployed in rooms where all walls are of equal or similar lengths.

Durable and Delicate

Durable and delicate are not two adjectives that you would normally use together, but the seemingly contradictory terms combine to perfectly describe Fiesta Furniture’s square wooden folding banqueting tables. Well-built and robust, our tables are capable of offering long lasting, unfaltering service. However, the tables also feature plastic feet that protect against scratching, a factor that means they can be used even on delicate flooring.

Fiesta Furniture

We are an extremely reputable name in the UK contract furniture supply industry. We are absolutely committed to quality and offer only the best products and customer service.

We own a large facility in East Anglia, in which we maintain high levels of stock year round. This is a factor that ensures our customers have a comprehensive range of options to choose from, as well as ensuring that we are able to meet fast turnaround times – an extremely important in this often fast paced business.

Square Wooden Folding Banqueting Table – Find Out More

To find out more information about our square wooden folding banqueting table and other items of furniture, please head over to the products section of our user-friendly website. Here you’ll find detailed descriptions and high quality accompanying images.

You can also call our specialist advisors on 01733 570700.

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