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Rectangular Wooden Banqueting Table – Turning the tables

While flexibility and rectangular tables may not seem synonymous, when it comes to a classic look or economy of space, a rectangular wooden banqueting table is the perfect choice, its sleek and supple design lends itself perfectly to an area where space is a premium, however, this is not to suggest that a rectangular wooden banqueting table does not have a place in more open areas or venues with a lot of space, as the tables can be used in conjunction with other rectangular tables to create a longer dining surface. This functional yet adaptable aspect allows a rectangular wooden banqueting table to really rise above other types of table.

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When choosing a rectangular wooden banqueting table the choice of sizes provided by Fiesta Furniture are vast. We offer tables from 75cm x 120cm to the much larger 240cm x 75cm and many size options between these two polarising sizes. The tables are delivered fully assembled, ensuring that they are ready to be used on arrival. When in storage the tables can be stacked up to 20 high, allowing space saving measures and versatility uncommon in other kinds of tables.

Fiesta Furniture:

Fiesta Furniture is one of the most reputable and trusted contract furniture suppliers in the U.K. Fiesta Furniture has a 25 year history in the business of supplying furniture of the highest quality, such as the rectangular wooden banqueting table, means we work with many of the most important names in the hospitality and entertainment industries.

Our large facility in Peterborough (Cambridgeshire) maintains high levels of stock all year round allowing the company to meet deadlines quickly and efficiently. The 100,000 square foot warehouse stores a huge range of items and the extensive showroom is open from Monday to Friday.

Rectangular Wooden Banqueting Table – Find out more

To find out more information about our rectangular wooden banqueting table and other items of furniture, please head over to the products section of our user-friendly website. Here you’ll find detailed descriptions and high quality accompanying images.

You can also call our specialist advisors on 01733 570700.

Meanwhile, click on the following link for more information on quality rattan furniture.

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