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Square Wooden Folding Banqueting Table

Square Wooden Banqueting Table – High Quality, Adaptable Furniture

Square wooden banqueting tables are perhaps one of the most versatile and adaptable of the tables and furniture available at Fiesta Furniture. They fit neatly together allowing for one long continuous table, or many different variations, such as an L shape or U shape. This allows for a customisable table and floor plan that simply would not work with other kinds of table. The base of the legs are fitted with plastic protective feet, which can help to prevent damage to even the most delicate of floors.
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Restaurant Tables Fiesta Furniture Bistro Table Set Rectangular Wooden Banqueting Table

Rectangular Wooden Banqueting Table – Turning the tables

While flexibility and rectangular tables may not seem synonymous, when it comes to a classic look or economy of space, a rectangular wooden banqueting table is the perfect choice, its sleek and supple design lends itself perfectly to an area where space is a premium, however, this is not to suggest that a rectangular wooden banqueting table does not have a place in more open areas or venues with a lot of space, as the tables can be used in conjunction with other rectangular tables to create a longer dining surface. This functional yet adaptable aspect allows a rectangular wooden banqueting table to really rise above other types of table.
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